A grassroots, ocean-education program that takes students out to sea to

deploy underwater ROVs aboard a 100-ton, 90-foot, 108 passenger ship


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Collaborative programs like Driving Science at Sea require young people to

team up and build something and then use it in the real world.  This one does all

that and also allows them to view another world…our oceans!  They can actually

drive around and control their creations—where they go and what they look at and

explore.  They can even conduct citizen science which is something we’ll be seeing

a lot more of to include in our explorations.  This is a wonderful STEM program that

gives something special to just about every type of learner and it’s free to any school

that participates--and it even pays for bus fare!  I have been involved with 

Drive Around the World since 2002 and endorse this program wholeheartedly.

-Steve Wozniak




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